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Fetch data for live markets on platform.

Response Fields

Market relevant data is available under "market" key in json response

idintMarket identifier
totalamountintMaximum payout at event settlement
titlestrMarket title
categorystrMarket category eg. Sports, Finance, etc
statusstr"A" stands for active markets
endsatiso datetimeTime when trading will be stopped
sourcestr urlLink used for market settlement
settledateiso datetimeTime when market will be settled
resolutionstrDescription of how market will be settled
start_dateiso datetimeTime when trading will be started
is_price_editableboolif true limit orders can be placed at desired price
max_allowed_positionintmaximum order value allowed (in rupees)
subcategorystrMarket sub-category eg. BTC, IndiaAfghanistan, etc
rangeinttick size
expiry_secondsstrseconds left to market expiry
keywordsstrcomma seperated values of keywords relevant to market
hashtagslist strlist of hastags relevant to market
subsubcatstrMarket sub-sub-category
tagslist strlist of tags relevant to market
volumeinttotal value traded on the market
yCPintCurrent price of "Yes"
nCPintCurrent price of "No"
newNCPintUpdated price of "No"
newYCPintUpdated price of "Yes"
sellYCPintSell price of "Yes"
sellNCPintSell price of "No"
currentPricedictDictionary contain prices of "Yes" and "No"
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